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Hungarian company is developing a “smart parking” system for Tashkent

The Hungarian company iCell is preparing proposals for automating the parking system in Tashkent. It will be based on the introduction and use of high-tech sensors and mobile applications for searching and reserving parking spaces, as well as paying for them.

This was reported by Dunyo news agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan.

The company’s specialists have been working for more than a year to study possible options for the effective implementation of the project and prepare a special offer based on the conditions and specifics of our capital.

An important point in the implementation of the project will be the introduction of changes to the current legislation in terms of administrative sanctions for violations of the Traffic Rules, as well as the disposition of articles that provide for a clear understanding of the rights and responsibilities of road users.

I wonder how this highly intelligent system will behave when faced with our drivers parking anywhere.

Earlier, the capital authorities reported that paid parking lots with parking meters would be created on 10 streets - Fidokor, Sadyk Azimov, Bratislava, Mirabad, Glinka, Avliyota, Taras Shevchenko, Said Baraka, Moshtabib and Yakuba Kolas.

As a result, over 2.2 thousand parking spaces will be organized, 57 parking meters will be installed and 2 “Parcon” systems will be purchased for automatic control of parking rules. Approximately 5 percent of parking spaces are planned to be allocated for parking by drivers with disabilities. Parking will be free for them. Other cars will be prohibited from parking in such areas.