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Regulation on the application of the convention on temporary import approved

28/07/2020 20:55

The Regulation on the Application of the Convention on Temporary Importation (Istanbul, on 26 June 1990) was approved by the Resolution of the State Customs Committee.

The regulation was developed in accordance with the Customs Code and Presidential Decree No. PP-4694 “On Accession to an International Treaty” from 24 April 2020 and defines the procedure for applying the Convention on Temporary Importation during customs control and customs clearance of goods at the customs border of Uzbekistan.

Customs operations in relation to goods, with full conditional exemption from customs payments based on the use of the ATA carnet, are carried out subject to the conditions of Appendix A to the Convention "On Temporary Importation Documents (ATA Carnets and CPD Carnets)", while observing one of the following annexes :

·         B.1 "On goods for display or use at exhibitions, fairs, conferences or similar events";

·         В.2 "On professional equipment";

·         B.3 "On containers, pallets, packages, samples and other goods imported in connection with a commercial transaction";

·         В.5 "On goods imported for educational, scientific or cultural purposes";

·         В.6 "Application concerning personal belongings of travelers and goods imported for sports purposes."

The Regulation lists the cases when the customs authority can accept ATA carnets as a guarantee of the international level of customs declaration and payment of customs duties, as well as a document guaranteeing the fulfillment of obligations to customs authorities.

The types of customs operations carried out in relation to goods during temporary import into Uzbekistan, as well as temporary export from the country using the ATA carnet, are prescribed.

The points that require special attention when checking the correctness of filling in the ATA carnet are listed.

ATA carnet presented to the customs authority must be completed in the state or Russian and in English (French).

The regulation also contains the following procedures:

·         declaring goods imported using ATA carnet;

·         extension of the terms of temporary import of goods temporarily imported into Uzbekistan using the ATA carnet;

·         declaring goods that were previously temporarily imported using the ATA carnet in case of re-export (re-export) from Uzbekistan;

·         carrying out customs operations during the export of goods previously imported using the ATA carnet and termination of the customs regime "temporary import" by re-export;

·         guarantees of payment of customs duties on goods temporarily imported into the territory of Uzbekistan using the ATA carnet;

·         collection of customs payments for goods imported using the ATA carnet in violation of the terms of the Convention;

·         declaring goods for temporary export from Uzbekistan using the ATA carnet;

·         re-import (re-import) into Uzbekistan of goods previously temporarily exported using the ATA carnet;

·         extension of the period for temporary export of goods temporarily exported from Uzbekistan using the ATA carnet;

·         the procedure for exchanging the ATA carnet in case of its destruction or loss.