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The Customs Clearance Center began operating in Tashkent

Here it is planned to establish online processing of all customs processes in Uzbekistan.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Customs Clearance Center during a working trip to Tashkent, the presidential press service reported.

The core of the new complex is a data processing center equipped with modern secure servers. According to official data, their capacity has increased tenfold, which has allowed the speed of communication channels to be increased five times and the processing time to be halved.

There is also a post for remote electronic declaration in the Center. Cargo declarations sent online by business in the capital are processed here, and in the future it is planned to cover all customs clearance processes in Uzbekistan.

The center processes requests received by the Customs Committee call center by phone 1108 and on its website.

In addition, the targeting and risk management department, created with the support of the World Customs Organization, began operating here. Its employees are engaged in risk analysis and remote monitoring of the work of all customs posts in the country.

Operational structures study data from 50 customs information systems, as well as the systems of the WCO and more than 30 foreign departments. The complex also houses a central customs laboratory.

Digitalization has made it possible to reduce the average customs clearance time to 30 minutes, the report says. For comparison, in 2017 the process took 5 hours and 42 minutes.

80% of commodity imports and 89% of exports are processed under a simplified procedure. In addition, there is an increase in the automatic processing of cargo customs declarations using artificial intelligence.

The President gave instructions on providing entrepreneurs with proposals based on an analysis of the import structure. He also instructed to ensure an increase in processing in the customs territory.

Spot previously wrote that Pakistan plans to establish online exchange of customs data with Uzbekistan.